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Fonts that look like real handwriting.

That's what Typeheist is all about. I want to create typefaces that embrace the imperfection of real handwriting. Each handwriting is different and I'm inspired by the natural flow, spontaneity and individuality of each person's script. Typeheist began with my own handwriting; imperfect, all uppercase, printed. Since then, I’ve created many more fonts, each showcasing their own style, emotion and personality.

To create this sense of organised chaos, I leverage OpenType features such as Stylistic Alternates and Standard and Discretionary Ligatures which enable visually dynamic typefaces that adapt as you type.

Typeheist was formed in 2020. I want to say I have a big team, but in reality - it's just me. I do all the marketing, I reply to the emails, I code the website and most importantly, I create the fonts (and I love it).

I hope you'll find a range of fonts that are as unique and authentic as I intended them to be ☺️.


Featured in

Every now and then someone will ask me to talk about myself, or will mention things I do on things they do. These are those things 😎

Make Lemonade Podcast EP 12: Meet Laura Eddy

"Laura Eddy is the founder of Typeheist.co, among other things. She is what I like to call a "unicorn". She's a talented designer and developer. In terms of design, her skillset ranges from product design, illustration, and font design. In today's episode, we talk about where she gets her inspiration for her unique designs and how she balances that alongside her full-time role. Hosted by @jrfarr — brought to you by LemonSqueezy.com."


The League of Moveable Type EP 95: Five Indie Foundries to Follow

"We’ve each picked a foundry that we’re into at the moment, and are talking about them on the podcast. This foundry could not be more up Micah’s street if it tried. Micah loves a hand drawn element to type projects and these emo sounding typefaces are great examples of hand-written fonts done well, with plenty of stylistic alternatives to add to that human feel. Great stuff."