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I love seeing typeheist fonts out and about. Here are some of your prime designs that have been spotted. Want to submit your own? P.S. when you do, you get 20% off at


When Nirvana Came to Britain →


Very excited to see TYPEHEIST'S Manic Erratic Handwritten Font in the 2021 BBC documentary 'When Nirvana Came to Britain'. It's messy and casual handwritten feel reflects the grungy feel of the 90s and Nirvana itself.

Wouldn't That Be Nice →

By: Hoodie Allen

Spotted on the website promoting Hoodie Allen's new song 'Wouldn't that be nice'

Poetry Bookmarks →

By: Sarah Kugel Design

Really loving the use of Manic on these bookmarks. It's quite a different interpretation - used for love poems.

"Turning fonts into brands" →

By: Taylor Amy

"Turning fonts into brands. I have adored this Ugly Dave font by @typeheist for THE longest time and haven’t found a brand that requires it just yet haha! I decided to give it the space it needs on my feed under it’s own brand!"

‘All Dogs go to Heaven’ Lyric Videos →

By: Glaive

Manic was used in the lyrics videos for Glaive's EP: All Dogs Go to Heaven.

King Street Days Digital Album Art →

By: Terry Gillespie
Font: Heist

‘Trainspotting’ Movie Poster →

By: Christopher Robertson