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Juniper Bay

Juniper Bay is a cool, calm & sophisticated handwritten typeface with an organic feel and effortless vibe. With over 130 custom ligatures, this charming and elegant marker font is perfect for handwritten notes, fashion mockups, social media or even wedding stationery.

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And strange, sweet dreams, Like silent streams That from new fountains overflow, With the earlier tide Of rivers glide Deep in the heart whose hope has died-- Quenching the fires its ashes hide,-- ITS ASHES, WHENCE WILL SPRING AND GROW SWEET FLOWERS, ERE LONG, THE RARE AND RADIANT FLOWERS OF SONG!

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More about Juniper Bay

Bringing a natural, handwritten elegance, Juniper Bay is perfect for your next design. Whether you're crafting a logo, writing poetry, creating social media graphics, or working on photography, Juniper Bay's versatility will take your work to the next level. Juniper Bay has over 130 custom letter combinations and each ligature has been carefully created to ensure that each letter flows seamlessly into the next. The result is a beautiful, cohesive look that will bring warmth and casual charm to any design.

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Feedback Corner

Absolutely loved working with this Font and I will surely will in the future. Great Job!

Xenia S, Sep 2022  |   Manic →