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Ugly Dave

The short: a bad handwriting font. The long: Ugly Dave is not a 'nice' font... it's pretty much the bare minimum in terms of handwriting. It's messy and childish and some may even call it yuck. On the positive side - it's almost legible! However, if your handwriting is going to be bad, why not make it consistently bad? Don't worry, Ugly Dave has your back. You can now adorn your designs with writing that makes it look like you never went to school! Awesome.

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Ugly Dave



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Ugly Dave is not an attractive man. Not because of his looks, or personality. ...It's because of that STUPID hat he wears. He wears it every day, like it's some sort of uniform and it looks downright daft.

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Love this font!! Organic handwriting!

B, Jan 2022  |   Manic →