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Ugly Dave

Ugly Dave is not a 'nice' font... It's messy and childish and some may even call it yuck. But you can be confident in knowing that it is most definitely unique (and it is kinda charming). It has over 500 glyphs and ligatures, ensuring that it looks just like the real thing (a bad handwriting font).

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Ugly Dave is not an attractive man. Not because of his looks, or personality. ...It's because of that STUPID hat he wears. He wears it every day, like it's some sort of uniform and it looks downright daft.

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More about Ugly Dave

Ugly Dave comes in two styles: regular and alternates (and both are unique, realistic and handwritten). Although Ugly Dave is messy, it is still legible at both large and small sizes. If you need a little imperfection in your designs, Ugly Dave has your back.

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Feedback Corner

Absolutely loved working with this Font and I will surely will in the future. Great Job!

Xenia S, Sep 2022  |   Manic →