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Bad Type Society

You may have seen Typeheist's new initiative, Bad Type Society, mentioned here and there. If you're curious, here's the lowdown.

Published on 20th Oct, 2023
Author Laura Eddy
Bad Type Society

Bad Type Society was created to support Typeheist. As much as I enjoy it, creating fonts takes quite a lot of time. Most of my Typeheist fonts have hundreds of characters, including custom ligatures and multi-linguals.

I love the result of a fully-fledged font with all the bells and whistles (to be honest I never quite know when to stop 🤓).

But that's the goal for Typeheist - I create handwritten typefaces that are created with an extended character set in mind. It also means the overall style and function has to be compatible with said character set. All in all, that draws that timeline out quite a bit.

So, this is where Bad Type Society comes in. BTS is a place where I can try new things with typefaces, quicker. Without having to incorporate the extended set of characters I include with Typeheist, I can move faster and innovate more.

When creating the very first Bad Type Society Font: Naturalist, I explored contextual alternatives. Instead of using ligatures, Naturalist includes 2x sets of letter/character alternates. This means one of the three available characters are selected randomly when there are double letters typed. This new method of character randomisation will be super useful when creating new typefaces moving forward.

Here's the result:

Naturalist Handwritten Notes FontNaturalist Study Notes Handwriting FontNaturalist handwriting font for school, homework and research notes

You can check out Naturalist here.

Well, that's all for now.

Happy fonting!

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