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Here it is: it’s Sticky. A versatile and realistic handwriting font with two weights, regular and bold. Sticky is a friendly and approachable typeface with a quirky edge. It’s packed with glyphs and ligatures, ensuring tonnes of variance and a dusting of offbeat charm. It's a font that looks like real handwriting.

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“THE TIME HAS COME" The walrus said, "… to talk of other things: Of shoes and ships and sealing wax. Of cabbages and kings. And why the sae is boiling hot. And whether pigs have wings.”

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More about Sticky

Sticky is a realistic handwriting font that comfortably balances the fine line between uniqueness and legibility. At large sizes it’s eye-catching and distinctive. For smaller copy, it’s fun and playful while still being easy to read. It’s multi-lingual and includes over 460 characters in each weight, supporting languages such as French, Spanish, German, Hungarian and many more. Give it a go in the type tester below.

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Feedback Corner

Absolutely loved working with this Font and I will surely will in the future. Great Job!

Xenia S, Sep 2022  |   Manic →