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Wasted Year

Wasted Year is a wonderfully wild messy handwriting font. What makes this font special is the erratic switch between uppercase and lowercase letters. Wasted Year has no set uppercase or lowercase; it changes based on the letter combinations you enter so you never quite know what you're going to get 😎 Try it out yourself.

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If only pure sweetness was offered Why's this bitter taste left in my mouth? And if I could catch my breath Just to exhale, I'd know that I held it in too long

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More about Wasted Year

Wasted Year is a messy and turbulent handwriting font. Featuring over 350 characters and erratic custom ligatures, it looks just like it was scrawled with a pen... not typed with a computer. You can also access special glyphs (such as scribbles and smileys) via keyboard shortcuts.

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Feedback Corner

Love it! I've used this to give my case studies more character and it's worked its charm!

Jan Mc Greal, Feb 2023  |   Manic →