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Pandemonium New

Pandemonium: "Wild uproar, unrestrained disorder; tumult or chaos". True to its name, Pandemonium font is exactly that: wild, chaotic and super erratic.

Naturalist New

Naturalist: Take your notes from bland to brilliant with this simple “study notes” handwriting font.

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Looking for a bit of extra spice? Here you’ll find a collection of handmade digital design assets to accompany your fonts and jazz up your designs.

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Lore: A 'less than perfect' all caps handwriting font

Ugly Dave

Ugly Dave: A bad handwriting font

Manic Popular

Manic: A messy and realistic, erratic handwritten scrawl

Typography articles ↓

Font licensing explained like a human

Font licensing is tricky and, if you’ve had the same experience as me, no one really teaches you how it works. I’m not going to lie; for a while I was just doing my best, guessing and hoping for the best (not ideal).

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Pros and cons of using free fonts

You might be wondering "why can't I just use a free font for everything?". Although they are free, it's not always a free for all. There are a few advantages and disadvantages to consider when using a free font, and we've listed them here.

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