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Warped Smiley Vector Pack

A vector pack with 30 warped smiley faces + 20 bonus vector assets. Good times. These glitchy warped smileys are perfect for posters, packaging, branding or a fun website addition.

What you'll get in the Warped Smiley Pack:
  • 30 warped and distorted smiley faces in vector + png format

  • 20 bonus assets including 2x sticker mockups

Bonus perks:
  • Unique handcrafted assets

  • A deal that's only available through typeheist.co 🌟

  • Free updates

Licenses from:
$8 USD
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Feedback Corner

I've never left a review, but after owning Manic for several months now I have to recommend it. Amazing variety of ligatures and embellishments, and everything is well-organized. It is a bit more of a niche font, if you think you could use it, it's absolutely worth its price.

Roman, Feb 2022  |   Manic →