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Type Testing Template

I created this template of sample text to easily test my own typefaces (and I'd love to share it).

Published on 6th Oct, 2023
Author Laura Eddy

This is the template I use to test all Typeheist fonts. As I added more and more characters and multi-linguals, I needed an easy way to test my typefaces without recreating the same thing each time (or worse - different, inconsistent things each time).

Type Testing Template: uppercase, lowercase, titlecase

I slowly built up this template of sample text, and included all the characters I create for my fonts in different scenarios (such as paragraphs of text, bullet points or recipes). I could then see which common characters I was missing, or which characters don't quite flow with others.

Type Testing Template: Numbers, fractions, currency, symbols, kerning pairs, bullets

I thought it might be helpful to other font testers, so here it is.

In this template, you'll find:

  • A word cloud of different (and sometimes awkward) letter combinations. Think 'adjacent', 'radii' or 'roommate'

  • Paragraphs of text in uppercase, lowercase and title case

  • Numbers, fractions, currency, symbols, kerning pairs, bullets

  • English and multi-lingual characters

Type Testing Template: easy to use AI and EPS file

Free download 👇🏼

Download this template

If you don't need a template, I also have a digital version of the sample text available.

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