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Prickly Pear

Here's a font with a special backstory. Prickly Pear is a handwritten font, created in a moving car, on the way to the Simpson Desert. At the mercy of every bump, hump and hole in the road, this font is as rough and realistic as its conception. A unique and messy handwriting font reminiscent of the rugged landscape; it'll be perfect for that design project where you need a little raw authenticity. Prickly Pear has a comprehensive character set of over 160 custom ligature combinations and 56 multi-lingual characters.

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Triodia is a large genus of tussock grass endemic to Australia. The species of this genus are known by the common name spinifex, although they are not a part of the coastal genus Spinifex. Many soft-leaved Triodia species were formerly included in the genus Plectrachne. Triodia is known as tjanpi (grass) in central Australia, and have several traditional uses amongst the Aboriginal Australian peoples of the region.

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Absolutely loved working with this Font and I will surely will in the future. Great Job!

Xenia S, Sep 2022  |   Manic →