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Sad Poem

A sad little pen font for your sad little handwritten poems :') This messy handwriting font has over 360 glyphs, giving it a quirky realistic charm. Sad Poem font boasts an extensive character set, including multi-lingual characters, custom ligatures, and an extended symbol set. With both uppercase and lowercase casing, this font provides the perfect canvas for expressing your emotions on paper.

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Goodbye to sleep, I think that staying up is exactly what I need. Take apart your head, take apart the counting and the flock it has bred. Goodbye to love. It’s a ride that will push you up right against the wall. Does everybody really need to know everyone? TAKE APART YOUR HEAD.

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More about Sad Poem

Pair this Sad Poem font with photos, art or sketches and create precious, sad little keepsakes. Use this font to write your sad poems and assorted scribblings or for that design project you've been needing a messy handwriting font for. Although it is messy, it is still oddly legible (even at smaller sizes).

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I've never left a review, but after owning Manic for several months now I have to recommend it. Amazing variety of ligatures and embellishments, and everything is well-organized. It is a bit more of a niche font, if you think you could use it, it's absolutely worth its price.

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